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By Dan Barraclough | Published: 22 November 2019

There are several types of asset tracking software, but which one is right for you? Check out our guide to the best asset tracking software to find out more

An asset can be anything that a business owns. It can be a building, a vehicle, a computer, industrial equipment, construction tools – the list really does go on. In fact, because there are so many different kinds of assets, you’ll find that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all asset tracking solution. This is where our guide to asset tracking software solutions comes into play. 

Assets can require RFID tracking, GPS tracking, or even just a simple barcode system. Either way, how do you know which solution is right for your business? In this article, we will provide you with information on a range of different asset tracking software, and suggest the best software product for each asset type. 

Of course, we’re here to give you an idea of the best asset tracking software solutions, but nothing beats doing your own research. It’s always a good idea to get in touch with a range of suppliers to see what each one can offer you. Asset tracking solutions are usually super-bespoke to each business’ needs, and therefore pricing can vary hugely, too. 

To help you get on your way, we can match you with asset tracking suppliers that best meet your needs, based on the details you provide us about your business. Simply spend a minute answering a few simple questions, and we’ll put you in touch with the most suitable suppliers – easy!

The best asset tracking software solutions

To help you discover the right asset tracking software for your business, we’ve picked out the top top five and identified which is the best for fixed assets, best for free assets, best for RFID asset tracking, best for barcode asset tracking, and best for GPS tracking. Take a look at the table below for a summary:

Asset tracking software supplierBest forSuitable for
Samsara Fixed asset tracking software
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Construction
Asset PandaFree asset tracking software
  • Small businesses
  • Smaller assets
RealAssetMGTRFID asset tracking software
  • Hospitals
  • Construction
  • Logistics
EZOfficeInventoryBarcode asset tracking software
  • Small businesses
  • Smaller assets
Verizon ConnectGPS asset tracking software
  • Vehicular assets

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Best fixed asset tracking software

Samsara’s asset tracking software takes the form of an interface, which displays the data collected by both its powered and unpowered trackers. You’ll be able to track your assets’ locations in real-time, keep tabs on engine hours, detect lost or stolen equipment, and ensure all of your assets are utilised equally. Best of all, you’ll be able to see all of your assets visualised on a clear map, giving you true visibility!


  • Suitable for powered and unpowered assets
  • Clear, easy to use interface
  • Geo-fencing, invoicing, and maintenance planning features included

X Cons:

  • No clear pricing structure
  • Not suitable for smaller tools and equipment

2.Asset Panda

Best free asset tracking software 

While Asset Panda doesn’t strictly offer its software for free, it does give you a two-week free trial – and it doesn’t require any expense in terms of infrastructure. 

It’s incredibly simple to set up – just download the app, and you’re ready to go. And as for barcode scanners, simply get your employees to download its scanning app onto their phones, tablets, or other devices.


  • One-off annual payment
  • Payment includes custom implementation
  • Unlimited users

X Cons:

  • Only suitable for smaller assets
  • Could take some time to navigate

3.RealAssetMGT (RAM)

Best RFID asset tracking software

RAM provides you with all the tools you need to track your assets around your office(s), and even as they travel from your office to your customer. You’ll be able to gain better control over your assets, reduce losses and theft, and store information such as maintenance scheduling and condition reports. You’ll even be able to store emails, files, and documents relating to each asset, ensuring you’ll have all the important information stored in one place.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Range of RFID tags available
  • UK-based company

X Cons:

  • No transparent pricing information


Best barcode asset tracking software

Barcode asset tracking is one of the most cost-effective ways for you to track and manage your assets. The EZOfficeInventory software gives you a great amount of freedom to design and create tracking labels, integrate third-party scanning apps, and customise alerts and notifications. There are three packages available, which are priced based on the number of items you want to track, and the number of user accounts you need.


  • Solutions for a huge variety of industries
  • Integrates with file hosting services
  • QR and RFID tracking also available

X Cons:

  • The help center is based in the US
  • Can be fiddly to set up

5.Verizon Connect

Best GPS asset tracking software

Verizon’s asset tracking is for your bigger assets – think construction machinery, trailers, and assets of significant value. Thanks to the software interface, you’ll be able to know where your assets are and where they’ve been. You can also improve their utilisation, and even cut costs by keeping tabs on engine hours, creating maintenance alerts, and filing all relevant information to a particular asset.


  • Uses high quality GPS assets
  • Mobile app for Apple and Android devices
  • Integrates with cold chain monitoring

X Cons:

  • Customer service can be hit and miss
  • App can be a bit glitchy

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Should I invest in fixed asset tracking software?

Fixed asset tracking software is suitable for a huge variety of businesses. These include: 

☑ Construction companies

☑ IT management companies

☑ Hospitals and healthcare centres

☑ Manufacturing companies

A fixed asset is something that is intended for long term use – think of it along the lines of property, vehicles, or equipment that you’re not planning on turning into cash for at least a year. 

The thing to bear in mind is that fixed assets tend to lose value as they age, which is why it’s essential to manage them in such a way that they retain as much of their value as possible. 

This is where fixed asset tracking software becomes a worthwhile investment. It enables you to collect all the data you need to ensure your assets are managed effectively, while helping you to cut down on time-wasting and unnecessary spending. 

Take a look at the interface below:

EZofficeinventory Asset Tracking on a laptop

You’ll be able to see a visualisation of things like average uptime, asset utilisation, overdue assets, value, and most popular items, all on one screen. You can even extract detailed reports to analyse asset use further. 

What are the benefits of fixed asset tracking software?

We’ve covered some of the benefits of investing in fixed asset tracking software in the previous section, but let’s take a look at all the reasons why asset tracking is so valuable.

The benefits of asset tracking software include: 

  • Knowing where all of your assets are 
  • Knowing how long each asset is assigned to a person or job
  • Having all of your maintenance records in one place
  • Ensuring each asset is used equally
  • Keeping track of depreciation and overall value of assets
  • Knowing which assets are the most used

Using this information, businesses can save hundreds of thousands of pounds in wasted time, damaged tools, and unnecessary rentals. It’s no wonder that with the right asset tracking software, businesses see a return on investment (ROI) in less than 12 months

What’s the difference between active RFID tracking and passive RFID tracking?

An active RFID tracker is powered by a battery. This means it produces its own radio frequency waves. These waves are then picked up by the RFID scanner, identifying the asset’s location. 

Passive RFID trackers aren’t battery powered, so they work by bouncing back the radio waves released by the RFID scanner. Because their infrastructure is so simple, passive RFID trackers are small and discreet, making them ideal for smaller assets.

What should I do next?

Receive an exact cost for asset tracking software by using our price comparison service. Simply click here to tell us a little bit about your business, and our system will match you with the best suppliers for your requirements. You’ll quickly receive quotes from a number of suppliers, who’ll be in touch to talk about your new asset tracking system in more detail.

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