Best Quiet/Silent Air Compressors

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor

Buying Quiet Air Compressors

Silent or quiet air compressors are piston compressors that are virtually noiseless and fully automatic. They’re usually environmentally friendly machines and designed in both lubricated and oil-free ranges for commercial and industrial businesses alike.

They’re mostly seen in environments where high noise levels are unacceptable or inappropriate such as laboratories; medical and healthcare centres (e.g. physiotherapy); electronics, food and water service equipment (e.g. bakeries); as well as in commerce for shoe, cosmetic, and paint spraying industries.

Discover our pick of the best silent air compressors in the section below.

The best silent air compressors are:

  1. Clarke Shhh Air Compressor
  2. Bambi Silent Air Compressors
  3. ABac Silent Series
  4. WHISPAIR Super Silent Hermetic Piston Compressor
  5. Jun Air Compressor 12-50
  6. Sil-Air Compressors

1. Clarke Shhh Air Compressor

These compressors are virtually silent in operation, and range from cheap to expensive models.

Key features:

  • Fully portable
  • 50 litre air receiver
  • 8bar (115 psi) maximum working pressure controlled by fully automatic pressure switch
  • Specification also includes filter regulator with gauge, receiver, pressure gauge, safety valve,
  • Applications from domestic to light industry, spraying, inflating, testing, blowing, stapling etc.

Price: £310.00 – £958.80 inc.VAT

2. Bambi Silent Compressors

This range is ideal for those who want a combination of low noise and high performance.

Key features:

  • Top class British manufacturer
  • Silent, pollution free air with sound levels from just 40dB(A), and almost no vibration when running
  • Designed with low maintenance in mind and are very durable
  • Versatility provides for tasks such as airbrushing, pneumatic controls, glue dispensing, and additional situations where silent air compression is required.
  • Also a leading supplier to medical and dental professions

Price: £126.00 – £576 ex. VAT

3. Abac Silent Series

This range suits all professional applications starting with direct driven compressors going up to two stage units with tank mounted dryers.

Key features:

  • The Abac S A29B & S A39B are fully portable compressors that place a strong emphasis on both noise reduction and moveability.
  • All benefits of their PRO range are combined with extra comfort
  • Suitable for applications such as sanding, painting, and impact wrenching

Price: £997 – £6440 ex. VAT

4. WHISPAIR Super Silent Hermetic Piston Compressors

Extremely quiet compressors that use fridge technology and suitable for all instances, such as schools, where low amounts of air are required.

Key features:

  • Portable and stationary versions
  • Easy to use and come with automatic control
  • Oil lubricated machines with oil removal filters available as an option
  • Designed for 50% duty in light use applications
  • Achieves noise levels as low as 40dB(A)

Price: Available on request
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5. Jun Air Compressor 12-50

JUN-Air have been leading suppliers of quiet air compressors since 1958, and have introduced a new generation of compressors with few moving parts:

Key features:

  • Reduced noise levels and vibrations, as well as wear and tear to equipment parts
  • They’re able to be positioned at their place of use.
  • Noise levels of approximately 65db(A)
  • Reduced energy consumption, therefore cost effective and environmentally friendly

Price: Available on request

6. Sil-Air Compressors

Silentaire Technology manufacture quiet running compressors that lead the market in low noise level, efficiency and quality.

Key features:

  • Offer a wide range of both oil lubricated and oil free applications
  • Economical and energy efficient
  • Completely automatic – units come equipped with a tank, built in moisture trap, line pressure gauge, tank pressure, safety valve, air intake filter, and carrying handle/wheels for extra portability

Price: From £395.00 ex VAT and shipping

Expert verdict

There's a huge range of silent air compressors out there, with lots of model options to choose from. This means there's a lot more to it when choosing the best air compressor for your business.

With that the case, it's always a good idea to talk to an expert before you buy. They'll make sure you're buying the right one for your requirements, and ensure you're not paying over the odds for an air compressor you don't need.

You can discover the best silent air compressor for your business simply by filling in our form. Just pop in a few details, and suppliers will be in touch with quotes and more information.

Lucy Crossfield Editor

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