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Hydrovane Air Compressors Guide & Prices

Hydrovane Air Compressors Guide & Prices

Impressively, Hydrovane have supplied air compressors to over three quarters of a million worldwide. They are known for cost effective units that are have lower sound output with the options of further reducing the sound.

The following is a guide of Hydrovane air compressors along with their best deals.

Hydrovane HV01 Tripod Compressor - 4CFM - Single Phase

This single phase air compressor, is ideal for a light range of industrial environments. For car body repair shops, dentistry and packaging.

With a compact design, it’s good for keeping out of the way, and you’d never know it was turned on with a 65 decibel sound output. Perfect for carrying around as its light, weighing at 41kg and working to a max pressure of 10 Bar.

Prices from £1,190.

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Hydrovane HV02 RM Hypac Air Compressor

The next one in the HV range is slightly bigger in size, and has been manufactured to work in medium industrial applications.

This one has a bigger compressed air output of 8 cfm and a slightly louder noise level of 69 decibels, still in comparison to others, it’s low. With a power 2.2KW motor, working up to speeds of 2900 rpm - it can work under pressure.

Prices at £2,760.

Hydrovane HV05-07 - 10 Bar

Bigger in size, and non-portable; it’s used in large factories where the demand for clean air is great. It’s been made so that use is easy, with an easy to see electronic control panel with continuous or stop start control.

Made with rotary vane technology and integral after cooler, don’t let the size fool you it can even fit through a standard door.

Prices at £3,200.