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Clarke Air Compressor Review

Clarke Air Compressor Review

Clarke Tooling have a range of products to fit exactly the job you want it for and an air compressor could save you time, money, and energy.

Company Overview

Part of the well known Chronos tool group, Clarke Tooling was established in 1969, and continues to offer the same level of service and skill today as it did then. With award winning products, fast sales, and excellent after-sales follow up, Clarke Tooling has everything. Clarke Tooling prides itself on having an incredibly wide ranging stock when it comes to air compressors (and tooling in general). Everything is kept in its modern warehouse facilities, and the general rule is that any orders placed before 2pm can be despatched on the same business day, so you won’t be waiting for long for your new air compressor to arrive. Not only that, but Clarke exports products all over the world, so it makes no difference where you are, you can still receive the best in Clarke service.
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Clarke air compressors range from the DIY market to the professional range, with everything in between. If you’re unsure of exactly what you need, or which compressor will suit you and your business best, then the staff at Clarke will be more than happy to discuss your options with you – renowned for their knowledge and friendly service, you’ll come away feeling you chose well when you went to Clarke Tooling. The Clarke Ranger/Raider/Racer models are perfect for those just starting out, or who might not need to use an air compressor on a regular basis. As a ‘now and then’ tool, the semi professional range of products is amazing value. If your business requires more power, and more use out of an air compressor, then Clarke has something for you too – try the Boxer or Champ models. Bigger, bolder, and built to last. There is an industrial sized compressor too. A tool for every job. And just in case that tool fails in any way, there is a service department at Clarke Tooling too.


As might be expected with industrial sized tools, the prices are in the thousands (up to around £3000 for a Blue Line (reliable and efficient) product). What might not be expected, however, is that for other Clarke air compressor tools, including professional standard ones, the prices stay in the hundreds. From around £150 to £900, you can buy your company a piece of equipment that will suit you perfectly. Budget happy and work happy – what more could you ask for? Buy online for ease and speed, and you could be using your new air compressor tomorrow.

Reviews and Testimonials

Clarke Tooling customers return again and again for the quality of product and service available to them. What do they say about Clarke? Here are a few examples: “A ‘must have’ for trade or DIY.” “Well worth the money.” “Fantastic value for money.” Why not see for yourself?