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Cheapest Air Compressor Prices

A large number of businesses – from garages and SCUBA diving centres; to construction companies and manufacturing plants – benefit from the use of air compressors. They have an almost endless range of uses, as high pressure can be used for cleaning, operating hand tools, inflatables, spray painting, and sandblasting. Depending on usage, the type – and cost – of an air compressor varies greatly, and there are a number of factors which will affect the price.

Price Estimates

Portable Lubricated

  • Thorite Performance direct drive compressor 24 litres, 2hp - £95.99 (inc VAT). Specifically designed for the cost conscious DIY and semi professional. 25kg. 12 month warranty.
  • Thorite Performance direct drive compressor 50 litres, 2hp - £114.00 (inc VAT). Also suited for home use and the semi-professional user. 33kg. 12 month warranty.
  • Stanley Bostitch MRC6-U 6 litre mini roll cage compressor – £191.99 (inc. VAT). Lightweight compressor that can power up to 30 brad nailer shots per minute. 10.5kg.
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Portable Oil Free

  • BT-AC 200/24 OF, 24 litre 1.5hp - £95.98 (inc. VAT). Designed for the hobbyist and home user, and delivers clean oil-free air. Ideal for spray painting and tyre inflating. 15.7kg.
  • Airmaster Tiger 7/250 2hp, 24 litre – £131.98 (inc. VAT). Great value compressor. Use for spraying (automative bodywork, fences, sheds etc). 23.8kg.
  • Clarke Ranger 6/240 2hp, 24 litre - £137.99 (inc. VAT). Suitable for DIY and trade applications and ideal for powering spray guns, air tools, and a wide range of airline accessories.

Mounted / Stationary

  • Thorite Professional Compressor, 150 litres, 3hp - £478 (inc. VAT). UK-built. Perfect for automative workshops, and covered by full on-site service warranty.
  • Clarke Industrial Air Compressor – SE16C100, 100 litres, 3hp - £478.80 (inc. VAT). Belt driven compressor designed with industrial and commercial users (garages, small factories, farms) in mind.
  • ABAC Compressor, 90 litres, 3hp - £510 (inc. VAT). Slow running pump unit gives low noise and long durability, for smooth efficient operation. 12 month warranty.

Quiet Compressors

  • Clarke Shhh Air 3/9 Compressor, 9 litres, 0.5hp - £502.80 (inc. VAT). Virtually silent in operation and well suited for offices, laboratories, and surgeries. Choice of 7 models.
  • Clarke Shhh Air 5/50 Compressor, 50 litres, 0.92hp - £958.80 (inc. VAT). Applications from domestic to light industry, and easily portable.
  • Abac Whispair super silent, 9 litres, 0.18 hp - £358.80 (inc. VAT). High performance but noise free, and ideal for situations where noise levels are of major concern. 12 month warrantee.
  • Abac Whispair super silent, 24 litres, 0.5hp - £624 (inc. VAT). Noise levels as low as 40 dB(A) provide silent power for professional performance
When buying an air compressor, cost should be a central concern. However, bear in mind that factors such as whether the compressor will be used for light or heavy duty work; portability; the number of users operating different tools; noise levels, etc also need to be taken into consideration. These factors will have an impact on the selection available to you, but consider that second hand/refurbished purchases and rentals are always an option too.
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Best Cheap Air Compressors for Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit from the use of an air compressor, whether this is for construction or other trades or for garages and fleet management. Used to operate a range of tools such as airbrushes, wrenches, chisels and sanders as well as being used for inflation, a decent air compressor can help save small businesses time and energy.

Stanley B6CC304SCR004 24Ltr Air Compressor 240V

This portable air compressor from Stanley is easy to use and perfect for small businesses looking to invest in one for the first time. It features an easy start motor, rubber feet for noise and vibration absorption and a 180 litre per minute free air delivery for effective use. Priced around £150.

Clarke Shhh Air 2/9 Compressor

A great small air compressor which delivers a high performance with minimal noise, it’s an essential air compressor for a small business. Delivering 1.1cfm air displacement, built in protection against thermal overload and impressive 115 PSI capacity, this cheap air compressor is ideal for light professional use. Priced around £310.

Draper 76113 24-Litre 230-Volt Oil-Free Air Compressor

This oil free air compressor is great for small businesses looking to reduce costs and promote more energy efficient practices. It is virtually maintenance free, with pressure regulators to help prevent overloading whilst having a 24 litre capacity and working at 230 volts great for non-industry use. Priced around £115. Whether you’re looking to replace on old model or try out an air compressor for the first time, you need to make sure that you’re buying a high quality model for your chosen price range. Complete the form above with your details and Expert Market UK will search the web for cheap air compressors for your small UK business and help you find the best model available for your budget. Get started now to find the best air compressor for your needs.