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Best Electric Air Compressor Prices & Reviews

Finding the Best Electric Air Compressor

Electric air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and performance capabilities. Which one you choose will largely depend on the type and scale of the work required. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts could get away with a small compressor whereas a more powerful unit would be suitable for heavy duty work.

So what advantages do electric air compressors have over petrol and diesel fuelled machines?

  • They are more affordable if you are on a restricted budget
  • Electric compressors do not emit damaging fumes like diesel-run machines, so you can use them inside your home
  • Connection is possible via your car’s electrical system or battery
  • They are less noisy than other types of compressor
  • Electric compressors are easy and convenient to use
  • High voltage options are available for heavy duty jobs

To get an idea of what is currently on the market and to start your search for an electric air compressor, take a look at the examples below to see which one might best suit your needs.

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Machine Mart

Machine Mart offers a wide range of electric air compressors. Sizes vary from 6CFM models such as the Clarke Ranger 2hp 24 litre oil free compressor, which would be ideal for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and spray painting of automotive bodywork, to the Clarke 10hp 270 litre model which is more suited to heavy duty work on a construction site.

Prices of the Machine Mart range of electric air compressors start at around £300, to more than £3000 excluding VAT, and their range incorporates hundreds of different models. You can buy their machines from Machine Mart superstores around the country, their mail order department, or the website.

The company offers useful advice and guidance on their product range, in addition to a comprehensive after-sales service with technical hotlines open 6 days a week. Once you have an idea of your requirements, the best thing to do is browse through their products on the website to find the best compressor for you.

Tooled Up

Tooled Up is part of Lee Industrial Ltd, who have been in business since 1976. The website was set up in 2000 and all products carry a full UK manufacturer’s warranty. The company has a wide range of electric air compressors, from small oil free machines for use with air brushes, costing around £70, to the Sealey 400v screw compressor which is priced at over £6,000.

A mid-range machine from Tooled Up can be purchased for around £900, and is described as ‘expert’ quality. There are plenty of customer testimonials available to view on the website, and a list of technical helplines for each manufacturer is also provided. For hobbyists and do-it-yourself experts, electric air compressors are an efficient way to work with power tools.

Pneumatic tools are light in weight and offer a flexible way to carry out work around the house or pursue your hobby. Alternatively, an electric air compressor offers you the facility to inflate car and bicycle tyres, or other items such as dinghies and camp beds, or spray paint your garden shed or fence panels.

The two companies mentioned above offer a good range of electric air compressors at various price points, but there are many other suppliers who might meet your needs in terms of model specification and price.

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