10 Best Air Compressors – 2020 UK Reviews

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 20 October 2013

Choose the best air compressor for the unique demands of your small business

10 best air compressors

We'll cover both large industrial models as well as smaller personal units.

10 best air compressors

We compared the range of air compressors available in the UK. These are the top ten best air compressors, handpicked for your small business.

Our top air compressors are Airmaster Tiger 8/44, Clarke Ranger 46, Clarke SE90C300, Clarke CFP9HND, Silentaire Super Silent 30-TC, Sealey SAC5030VE, Bostitch SFC34W-U, Rolson 42962, Makita 110V, and Draper 65958.

An air compressor is a versatile piece of equipment that can help to perform a number of tasks depending on your planned usage. Delivering high levels of pressurised air in order to power tools, inflate or to oxidise or clean materials and elements, they can help make a number of jobs easier and more efficient.

Choosing an air compressor for your UK business can be a challenge, particularly given the number of models, brands and compressor types available online. We’ve taken a look at ten of the best air compressors to help you find the best one for your needs.

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1) Airmaster Tiger 8/44 Air Compressor

A popular model which has enhanced safety features, great performance and a reasonable price, this Airmaster Tiger model is geared more towards home DIY users up through to semi-professional use and is even built with an automatic on/off control function which can reduce energy costs by ensuring the machine is not in use when not needed. With wheels and a handle, it is also a great portable model for light users.

Priced at around £138.

2) Clarke Air Compressor – Ranger 46

This model is ideal for domestic use, allowing users to perform spray jobs, tyre inflation and power basic tools easily and quickly. With automatic on/off functionality to ensure stable use and up to 7.8 CFM, it’s a top choice for DIYers and light professional use.

Priced at around £144.

3) Clarke SE90C300 Air Compressor (400V)

A great air compressor for industrial use, this Clarke air compressor has a massive 400v capacity which is essential for performing large scale jobs needing a continuous supply of pressurised air.

Designed with a 90 CFM displacement, fitted inter and after coolers and a 300 litre horizontal air receiver, this is a high spec air compressor which would be right at home in most industrial workplaces.

Prices start at £1,275.90.

4) Clarke CFP9HND Petrol Driven Air Compressor

One of the most portable and compact petrol powered air compressors available, this handy machine from Clarke is a great purchase and offers excellent value for money. Operating at up to 9 CFM, with a 2.65 Litre air receiver, it is a great machine to use both at home and for professional use.

Suitable to use with a number of tools including airbrushing, stapling as well as inflating objects, it’s a worthwhile purchase for versatile use.

Prices start at £682.

5) Silentaire Technology Super Silent 30-TC

A top choice for those looking for a quiet air compressor, this model from Silentaire Technology is a great oil lubricated air processor with an 0.9 gallon tank size, 84-114 PSI and an impressive 1/3 hp.

Suitable to perform a wide range of tasks but perhaps it is best suited for more professional use, where users for prolonged periods can benefit from enhanced safety features and quiet noise levels to avoid causing damage to hearing.

Prices available directly from Silentair Technology.

6) Sealey SAC5030VE Compressor 50ltr V-Twin Direct Drive 3hp

This oil-free air compressor has the benefit of cast iron liners to reduce wear and tear which can shorten the lifespan of oil-less air compressors.

It features a v-twin pump with aluminium cylinders and additional safety features such as automatic pressure off switch, an air regulator as well as precise pressure gauges. A top tool for use in workshops, it is a recommended air compressor.

Priced at around £210.

7) Bostitch SFC34W-U 2.5HP UK 2 X 17L Compressor

Featuring a wheelbarrow style design, this air compressor from top manufacturer Bostitch is easy to move around and can be a great asset for industrial and professional use. Despite its portability, it still has an impressive 300 litre per minute displacement making it a fantastic air compressor choice.

Prices available directly from Bostitch.

8) Rolson 42962 200psi Mini Air Compressor

One of the best mini air compressors available on the market, this nifty machine from Rolson is ideal for domestic use and even for everyday tasks performed by skilled tradesmen. Powered by a cigarette lighter adapter, it is ideal for keeping in the car to top up tyres as well as other uses such as camping. Easy to use and featuring all of the necessary attachments, this is a great light use air compressor.

Prices start at £10.99.

9) Makita 110V Air Compressor

With 2.0Hp and a 50 litre receiver tank, this is a great, durable air compressor for lengthier tasks. Its added wheels help with its portability and it is also oil-free for a more energy efficient performance. Ideally suited for nailing jobs, this compressor from highly regarded manufacturers Makita offers excellent value for money.

Priced at around £250.

10) Draper 65958 12-Volt DC Mini Air Compressor

Another great mini air compressor, quality is guaranteed with Draper, a fantastic British based manufacturer. Perfect for inflating tyres and sports equipment, this air compressor is easily portable and easy to use and is powered by a cigarette lighter adapter for easy use. It also benefits from a 3m cable to help perform a wider range of tasks.

Priced at around £16.

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