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By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Updated: 11 January 2019

Air compressors come in many different shapes and sizes, and are used for many different jobs, including tyre inflation and removal work, many forms of pneumatic instruments, and of course a range of tools such as nail guns and cleaning equipment.

Air compressors are fast, inexpensive to run, and, if you pick the right type for the job (and the right make), reliable, with a work lifespan of many years.

Choose correctly, and the air compressor you buy for your business today may be the last you ever need to buy.

Following is a list of air compressor types and makes, suitable for various jobs. This is a sample of the best, designed to help you come to an important decision.

1.When it comes to using an air compressor, what type of user are you? Do you need the machine for a DIY, one off job? Will the air compressor be something that is kept in your warehouse just in case it is needed in the future?

If you require an air compressor for simple DIY tasks, then there are numerous types and brands to choose from. In reality, all you need is an easy to use, well made, excellent quality machine for a small outlay. A power range of 2 to 2.5 HP, and a size of 6 to 50 litres is perfect.

For value for money and value forever, the ABAC RF2 MoneCarlo Red Line Direct Drive 2HP 50 Litre Air Compressor is fantastic. At under £200.00, but with the power and capacity of a reliable and long lasting machine, this ABAC air compressor will easily carry out light duties for some time to come. A compact air compressor made of durable plastic covering the internal workings, the ABAC MonteCarlo will work brilliantly for you.

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2. It may be that a unit that is perfect for home use, is not quite right for your business. You may need something a little sturdier, useful for regular (but not every day) use. A semi professional air compressor is the next step up from the home use type, and is great for a workshop or warehouse.

If that is the case, then the ABAC A29B 90 CM3 Bent Drive Air Compressor could well be the tool for you. With 3 HP and a 90 litre capacity, this unit will keep working all the time you need it to. And because of the belt drive (rather than a direct drive machine), the air compressor is quieter, more reliable, and can run for longer without needing a break to cool off. All of which is extremely important when it comes to getting a job done quickly and efficiently. A plastic cowel covers the ABAC pump unit, keeping the A29B air compressor clean and safe. This is ideal for semi professional use.

3. And if you are more than semi professional? If you run a business that needs great quality, great value industrial use tools? There is an air compressor for your needs to. In fact, there are a number of them.

The Clarke Industrial Air Compressor SE16C150 is ideal for industrial and professional use. Belt driven for reliability and noise reduction, the pump itself is made from cast iron and will last for many years.

Clarke is a well known and well renowned name in the air compressor business, and you know that it will serve you well.

Lucy Crossfield Editor

Lucy heads up the team on Expert Market, helping to deliver industry-leading expertise on business topics for nearly four years.

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