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What are the Causes of Air Compressor Fires & Explosions?

Air Compressor Fires & Explosions

Whilst air compressors are a useful, if not essential piece of equipment from home, incorrect use or poor manufacturing can lead to fires and explosions with your air compressor that will not only require you to replace your equipment at potentially a high cost, or even cause damage to your home or workplace.

Main Causes

The main cause of explosions and fires in air compressors is overheating. The combination of fuel (from oil powered compressors), heat caused by the running of the machine and oxygen generated by the air compressor will lead to fires and explosions and needs to be avoided at all costs. In order to prevent overheating, air compressors need to be properly lubricated to minimise friction, without this, parts will become more damaged and will be even more susceptible to overheating. Other causes include faulty parts or blocked passages which can affect the performance of the air compressor, as well as causing it to overheat. When an air compressor is unable to cool itself, that’s where the problems arise.


Buying a good quality air compressor is essential to ensure its longevity and that it has the best safeguards against fire and explosions. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your air compressor as well as help you identify problems early on.
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