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Top 5 Air Compressors

Finding the Best Air Compressors

Air compressors have a number of uses, proving to be a useful and efficient tool in both industry and domestic capacities. Whilst their uses may vary, it is always essential that you buy a quality air compressor in order to ensure value for money, high performance and a safe piece of equipment. We take a look at 5 of the best air compressors on the market below.


Used domestically, air compressors can be used to perform a number of everyday tasks such as inflating your car tyres or other inflatables such as air mattresses, or even helping you to spray paint doors, fences, walls at a much faster rate than by hand.

In industry, air compressors are used for things such as construction tasks including sanding and are also sought after by those specialising in diving equipment and oxygen tanks in order to fill and compress those effectively. Different tasks call for different kinds of air compressors, and it is important that you consider which one is the most suitable for your needs before making a purchase.

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Top 5

1. Wolf Sioux 50L, 2.5hp, 9.5cfm Air Compressor

Ideal for larger capacity jobs, the Wolf Sioux is powerful and has a 50 litre capacity air receiver which enables it to perform tasks for longer. It also comes with a fantastic range of accessories to help you perform those tasks such as a spray gun, tyre inflator, degreasing gun and a blow gun. A great all-rounder for those looking for a more professional machine. Priced around £140.

2. Clarke Air Compressor 230v single phase 28cfm 270L

A must for professionals, this model from Clarke provides great results from those looking for professional jobs but limited to a 230 volt power supply. Featuring twin cylinder compression pumps, and a 270l air receiver, it can perform a range of heavy duty tasks for industrial users. Priced around £1,500.

3. Makita 240V 8-Bar Air Compressor

Small and practical and weighing just 8kg, this handy little air compressor is ideal for domestic use or for those in trades such as upholstery and picture framing. It has a 6 litre pressure tank capacity and is able to blow 47 litres per minute with adjustable pressure. Perfect for smaller scale jobs requiring manoeuvrability, this is a great piece of equipment. Priced around £150.

4. Draper 5633 50L Twin V-Oil Compressor

A great choice for workshop use, this oil compressor features a v-twin cylinder, protection against thermal overload and is easily transportable thanks to its wheels and carry handle. A reliable and recommended model which can be used for a range of tasks. Priced around £380.

5. SIP (S.I.P) 06246 Airmate Hurricane Air Compressor

A high quality, oil-less air compressor which has an impressive 50 litre receiver is a great tool for both business, workshop and home use. Created with a vertical design for saving space, this is a great air compressor which packs a professional performance at a low price. Priced around £120.

The above are just a small selection of the kinds of air compressors available for domestic, business and industrial use. The type of air compressor needed will vary greatly depending on how much you will use it as well as other factors such as what tasks you will be using it for.

The top air compressor for you will be an air compressor that does everything that you need it to efficiently and quickly whilst fitting in with your budget.