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Common Air Compressors Problems & Solutions

Help With Your Air Compressor

Like all electrical equipment, air compressors can develop faults and problems. It’s all too tempting to throw your existing equipment away or take it to a repair man but often the most common problems can be fixed by your own hand. Knowing what to look out for and how to resolve it is the best way to ensure your air compressor’s longevity.

Problems & Solutions

My air compressor won’t turn start – It sounds really basic but ensure that all of the parts are connected properly, that is connected to its power source and that you have pressed the on switch.

Oil based machines need to have a minimum amount of oil in order to function. Adjust the pressure switches as well to see if that kick starts anything and if you’re still having problems, consult a repairs service.

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My air compressor is causing too much noise – If your compressor isn’t usually loud, you may need to check that there is enough oil to provide the proper lubrication which will reduce noise.

Ensure all parts are tightened and that everything is in working order. Consider investing in a low noise machine or one with vibration absorbers if the noise causes too much of an issue.

My air compressor is using too much oil – This could be caused by a number of factors, such as leaks or obstructed air filters.

Make sure that you regularly clean your air compressor as air paths can get obstructed and if you suspect a leak, take it to a repair man or you could be faced with serious problems such as fire and explosions.

The air compressor’s air pressure is building too slowly – Again, this could be caused by dirty filters and air paths causing the pressure build up to slow. It may also be possible that parts have started to loosen and they need to be tightened.

The air compressor stops unexpectedly – If your air compressor stops suddenly, it could be due to an electrical fault such as a blown fuse or it could be a general fault with the machine.

Problems with the electrics should always be seen by an expert, never attempt to solve these problems yourself as you could cause further damage or void the warranty.

My air compressor is overheated – There could be a number of reasons for overheating. Excessive use, not waiting for the machine to cool down, lack of oil or lubrication and overworking the air compressor by blowing too much air into tools can all contribute to overheating.

Follow the instructions provided with your compressor to ensure you take all precautions to minimise overheating and also ensure that you take your air compressor for regular maintenance to make sure that everything is in working order.

Major problems and issues should always be fixed by a qualified, professional repair company. If you find that your air compressor is beyond repair, Expert Market UK can help you find a new or replacement model. Never leave problems with your air compressor unresolved as these can lead to more serious problems including explosions and fires.