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Best Small Air Compressors

Choosing the Best Small Air Compressor

Small air compressors have many advantages over large ones, especially for personal or domestic use. They are easy to transport and are lightweight so that even those who struggle with heavy lifting can manage them. With so many different small air compressors on the market, finding the best one for your needs can be difficult. For now, take a look at some of the best small air compressors available below.

Why Use a Small Air Compressor?

Small air compressors can be used to perform jobs that only call for a small amount of air pressure – for example inflating tyres or sports equipment or even blow up beds. They are handy to have around the home and office, take up minimal space and are easy to move around when needed. They also tend to be less expensive than larger models and so if your business is only looking to use an air compressor once in a while or for smaller jobs, this is the right compressor type for you.
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Best for Paint Jobs – Clarke Mini Air Compressor by Wiz, approx £99.95

Air compressors are great for spray painting, especially for car touch ups or other tasks such as doors, fences and even fabrics. This mini air compressor will help you to manoeuvre the spray paint easily and create detailed effects where needed. It is oil free and is made from aluminium and requires very little or no maintenance. Added bonuses are that it is quiet, lightweight and features a 99 Watt, 230v motor. A recommended air compressor for those every day paint jobs.

Best for Tyres – Ring RAC600, approx. £25

A clever digital compressor which is affordable and easy to use as well as being small and lightweight. Claiming to inflate a car tyre in under 3.5 minutes, the Ring RAC600 is a good investment for both domestic and business use. It is operated by a car adapter plug but other adapters can be purchased separately. It is a 120 Watt machine with 12V DC with both red and white switches for use in the dark or for emergencies and even comes with a handy carry case for easy transportation. A great option for the cheaper end of the market.

Best for High Power Performance – Michelin Hi-Power Tyre Inflator, approx. £32.50

This Michelin air compressor packs an impressive performance for such a small machine. With built in lights for night time use, an accurate digital gauge and it works in quick time to inflate tyres easily and effectively. It clips onto the tyre for easy use as well as featuring lidded storage for the cables which makes it a great item to keep in your vehicle’s boot. Lightweight and easy to transport, it is a great value air compressor for those looking for high performance from a small air compressor. Small air compressors offer fantastic value for individuals and businesses looking for simple, no nonsense air compressors which take up little space, are easy to carry and have all of the necessary features. The above are just a snapshot of the small air compressors available on the market.