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Best Rated Air Compressors

Best Rated Air Compressors

With different types of air compressors available for a range of uses, including domestic, professional and industrial use, the range of choice can be overwhelming and confusing.

Find the best air compressor for your company with Expert Market.

For Vehicle Use

If you’re just going to be using an air compressor for simple tasks like blowing up tires, bike wheels or even sporting equipment, you won’t need much from an air compressor.

A simple machine powered by a cigarette lighter is sufficient and although it may take longer to inflate than a more high spec model, this kind of air compressor will save you money which makes up for it.

It could be a good idea to invest in an air compressor with a long cable to enable you to use it a bit further, which would be ideal for helping other vehicles or even for use during camping and holidays.

The Tool Tech 12V Car Air Compressor is a simple air compressor which operates at 12 volts. It has a 250 PSI, a pressure gauge and comes with a cigarette lighter adapter for easy use on the move. It is priced around £10.

For Light Domestic Use

Using an air compressor around the home can be extremely useful for basic jobs such as airbrushing, sanding, chiseling and other tasks using tools specifically designed to work with an air compressor.

Whilst you’ll need a model with a bit more power than a basic compressor in order to ensure that it runs long enough for your needs, you won’t need a model with too high a voltage. Make sure you choose a portable air compressor which can be moved around easily, either on wheels or is lightweight enough to carry, as well as choosing an option with low sound emissions.

The Stanley DN/8/5 4.5Ltr Portable Air Compressor 240Vis a great compressor with low noise as well as added rubber feet for low vibration which makes it perfect for the home.

Transportable thanks to its wheels, it is oil free for cleaner compressed air and can deliver 17 litres per minute so it is perfect for smaller domestic tasks. Easy drainage and charging make it ideal for those who haven’t used an air compressor before. It is priced around £100.

For Professional Use

Those who work in construction, plumbing and other similar trades can really benefit from air compressors, helping to use energy more effectively to complete tasks quickly and more efficiently.

Whether you plan on using it in a workshop or on the move at different locations, you’ll want to use a portable model that requires little maintenance. Oil free models are great for this and can help you reduce energy costs as well as protecting the environment.

The SIP Oil free - Hurricane 25 Airmate Compressor 240v is a great professional air compressor. This model is oil free, portable and is able to receive 24 litres whilst delivering a CFM of 4, perfect for most air compressor tools and accessories. Made from high quality materials, it is lightweight and provides an impressive performance. It is priced around £85.

Find the best air compressor for your company with Expert Market.

Saving Money

Buying an air compressor in the first place is quite a large investment. The running costs of an air compressor can be even larger. By simply changing the kind of air compressor you use or investing in an energy efficient option, you could help to save money for your business or your personal costs as well as help the environment by using less energy. Electric or gas powered machines are the most suitable for this type of compressor.

The Clarke Raider100 V Twin Compressor may be small in size but this electric air compressor provides an impressive performance. It has an impressive 14.5 cfm air displacement, which enables it to produce a more efficient performance in a shorter space of time.

It is also a highly portable model, made from lightweight materials and featuring wheels. It’s a great choice as it will be able to complete jobs quicker than other compressors, reducing your overall energy costs. It is priced around £385.

For Industrial Use

Using an air compressor for industrial jobs requires a model which is heavy duty and can perform for long periods of time. They need to be robust and long lasting, and as a result can be quite pricey.

Portability isn’t an essential for industrial use, as it’s likely that you will only be using the compressor from its location. Key things to look out for are a large receiver capacity and high CFM and PSI outputs.

TheClarke SP15ND Petrol Driven Air Compressor is a high quality compressor perfect for industrial use, this model from renowned brand Clarke runs on petrol for an effective performance. It has a huge 150 litre receiver, 6.5hp, and a 7 bar (100 PSI) maximum pressure output.

This product will ensure that you are able to perform more large scale tasks for longer, which is essential in industry use. It comes tested according to European Standard specifications and is a reliable and durable product. It is priced around £1020.

These are just a small overview of the huge range of air compressors available on the market today. Whilst there are different styles and model types more suited to different purposes, it is important that you consider what your air compressor will be used for before setting out to buy one.