50 CFM Air Compressors

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor

Buying 50 CFM Air Compressors

Fifty CFM air compressors are available in various makes and models, two of which are the portable compressor and the Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer.

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Portable Compressors

The portable 50 CFM air compressor is a standard type of air compressor, which is popular within the agricultural industry for the gusting of headers, and the mining industry for utilisation on all service automobiles. The compressor is designed and manufactured for robust utilisation and reliable performance.

This air compressor offers an unfailing supply of air that is effectively compressed to industry functions, such as monument engraving, sprinkler irrigation, sand blasting and demolition. There is a vast variety of 50 CFM air compressors and accessories presented in the current market, which is guaranteed to suit your specific requirement.

It is designed to function in extremely tight areas. Therefore, this compressor is sufficiently quiet and highly efficient on fuel and space.

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The portable 50 CFM air compressor hosts a diesel, direct injection combustion capability and is water cooled. It is started electrically (key start) at an effective 12V. The portable 50 CFM air compressor is fitted with a weatherproof, heavy duty, silenced canopy, which allows for a noise level of between 66dB and 75dB (reliant on the size of the compressor).

For added engine protection, the air compressor hosts decreased oil pressure and a high coolant temperature. Its measurements are calculated at 1.3m(Length) x 0.72m(Width) x 0.81m(Height) and it weighs approximately 340kg.

Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer

The 50 CFM Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer is used for the effective removal of water vapour from compressed air and is generally used to fulfil various functions within the commercial and industrial sectors. It hosts a package that is effortless to install. All you have to do is connect the relevant pipes and plug the power cord into a power supply.

Features of the Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer

The 50 CFM Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer can be automatically operated, which allows for the air dryer to adapt to the requirements of your current system without the use of intricate controls. Every unit of the air dryer is pre-assembled with high-quality parts, ensuring that your 50 CFM Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer enjoys an extended service life. It also hosts an on/off switch that is illuminated when the compressor is switched on.

Customers can buy any type of 50 CFM Air Compressor from most DIY stores within the United Kingdom. Depending on the manufacturing label and model required, prices range between £140 and £340 for the portable air compressor.

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