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4000 PSI Air Compressors

Buying 4000 PSI Air Compressors

4000 PSI air compressors are used in a variety of functions, from recreational to professional use. The three most common uses for them, however, are in paintball, scuba diving and firefighting. One of the most common uses for 4000 PSI air compressors is in paintball. The 4000 PSI compressors provides ample power to give paintball guns their bite when they are used in the "field of battle". Other pressure levels are used, such as 4500 PSI air compressors, but many of these compressors are around the 4000 PSI range. Some scuba air compressors are rated at 4000 PSI, however, most of them tend to be in the 5000 PSI range. Most of the scuba compressors that are rated at around the 4000 PSI level are older. However, many scuba divers swear by their older compressors.
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Firefighters sometimes put 4000 PSI air compressors to use when they are in the field putting out fires and saving lives. Air compressors used by firefighters can run the gamut and can be as low as 3000 PSI and as high as 7000 PSI. The most common air compressors among firefighters, however, are the 4000 PSI air compressors, 4500 PSI compressors and 5000 PSI compressors. The 4000 PSI air compressors can be used in other activities, such as scientific experiments and various commercial projects. Their uses are only limited to the user’s imagination.