10 Bar Air Compressor

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 19 October 2013

Buying 10 Bar Air Compressors

If your business is looking for a reliable air compressor, that’s expertly manufactured then this 10 bar, 3hp 25lt ABAC Air Compressor is a great choice. ABAC air compressors are made in Italy are known to last for a lengthy time period and continually work to a high standard.

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3hp 25lt ABAC Air Compressor

This product is known to rival some of the best air compressor designs there are such as: Draper and SIP.

This air compressor comes with a rubber grip handle for an easy and comfortable grip. As well as large wheels with stable feet, and it’s easy for moving. Unlike some other air compressor, this one comes equipped with hose and reel included.


  • Lubricated pump unit
  • 10 Bar
  • Cast iron 24lt air receiver
  • 10.6 CFM (300lt/min)

SIPO6236 – 10 BAR Airmate TN1.5/25.0

This air compressor is the ultimate machine should you desire to be moving around a lot. The extra-long handle and wheels make it much better for mobility compared to other air compressors. Weighing in at only 21kg it’s super light making it a convenient air compressor to have around.


  • 24 litres
  • 1.5hp
  • 7cfm
  • Oil free
  • Wheel mounted

At a very reasonable price of £135.99.

Wolf 10BAR Cheyenne 50L 3HP Air Compressor & 10m Rubber Air Hose

This is one of the best single phases air compressors for heavy industrial environments. It provides a powerful 3HP V-twin, 14 CFM air displacement compressor, with an industrial standard electric motor and a generous 50 litre air receiver. With added features such a 2 quick release connections and an air pressure regulator.


  • 3HP V-TWIN
  • 50 litre air receiver
  • 10BAR (150psi)
  • Fully automatic

Prices starting at £200.

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