Appear Here: Coolest Website

Expert Market meets Appear Here CEO Ross Bailey, our winner of London’s “Coolest Website”. Founded in 2012, his company is turning dreams into reality. Appear Here brings together a community of brands, entrepreneurs and creatives to spaces in the world's best cities, helping people to find short term space.

Appear Here connects landlords to businesses looking for space in which to realise their big ideas. They make it essentially as easy to book a retail space as it is to book a hotel room. You find the space you want, you put in an appearance date, disappear date and you send a request to the landlord. Marginally like a dating site the moment you get a match, both parties are introduced, but less like a dating site both sign the legal documents online, pay online and then are free to move in.

How it Popped Up

Having run his own pop-up shops, founder Ross totally understands the need for mobility in 21st century shopping. It’s for this reason that his company have no pretensions and have worked with everyone from global brands to independent designers and aspiring start-ups. Their vision is to have a collection of spaces across the world where a brand can make their idea happen at the moment they have everything from market stalls to retails shops to luxury destinations, such as the Burlington Arcade, and now even some of the world’s best department stores like Topshop.

Ross is certain that the company idea has the ability to potentially disrupt some of the agency models. He believes that supply follows where demand is: “If this is the way brands and retailers want to rent space, then landlords are gradually coming more and more into this new way of thinking.”

Their Unique Mission

“To create a world where anyone with an idea can find space to make it happen” (Appear Here 2012)

Appear Here has distilled a process that once took months into a quick and easy digital transaction. They have tightened up the currently drawn-out processes of renting, for those innovative businesses that need to grow quickly and need an efficient way to secure space. This is an industry, the property industry, that hasn’t changed and yet the way brands and retailers and people act has hugely altered.

People want more flexibility, but the current structure to rent space is a long, drawn out process, with multiple intermediaries, that on average takes six months to do a deal. What Appear Here is doing is building a marketplace, and building technology that provides a new structure which can sustain flexibility, is far faster and is more efficient, so that it need no longer take six months. Ross provided an example that in 2016 for one month “50 % of our deals happened in 48 hours.” He takes his inspiration from looking at incredible technology companies; he looks at how they’ve completely changed an industry and how they’ve set a new standard and that’s what he wants Appear Here to do.

A Web of Ideas

The company’s responsive HTML5 website is a thing of beauty, encapsulating the sleek simplicity of Appear Here’s value to their target clientele. The website’s featured section includes thousands of “Idea no.” segments which are mini summaries of the brands who benefit on a daily basis from this service; these brands and start-ups share their stories. Video backgrounds create a sense of immersive dynamism and reinforce on-going success stories before your eyes, whilst a clear and concise landing page means prospective shop owners can quickly find what they need.

Appear Here provides entrepreneurs access to space they would never before have had a chance of securing; they give the person with an idea the ability to compete on a global stage against competitors but also to grow exponentially faster. Idea 4001: Ejder “I think this may just have changed my life” Appear Here’s clients, whether they are big or small, all share the ambition to find an empty space to share an idea and begin a journey. Ross sums it up quite aptly: “It is truly amazing to realise actually that the little guy running the market stall and the guy who works for Apple in the organisation who has the idea are both similar and they just want to find the space to make it happen.”

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